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First Online Mixed Class; Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

New Online Classes with Esther on Monday Evenings (First Online Mixed Class) Esther has started a new online class on Monday evenings, the very first online mixed class. At the moment the participants identify as female, however joining these mixed classes is open to every gender identity, race, and sexual orientation. This makes for an [...]

Being Peace

by Thich Nhat Hahn. The Buddha taught that this is like this, because that is like that. You see? Because you smile, I am happy. This is like this, therefore that is like that. And that is like that because this is like this. This is called dependent co-arising. Suppose you and I are [...]

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World Diabetes Day – October 2023

Dear Readers, With warmth, I welcome you to this special edition of our newsletter, dedicated to a topic that touches the hearts of many: diabetes. In the light of World Diabetes Day on November 14th, we aim to reflect on the challenges and triumphs of those who live with this condition daily. As the great [...]

The Path to Understanding Dissociation

Dissociation is a nuanced interplay not confined to the mind—it extends to the body's reactions. Emotional turmoil can trigger physical sensations like unexplained pain, numbness, and detachment. This complex relationship between emotions and the body unravels the mysteries of dissociation, enhancing our understanding of its profound impact. Integrative practices, such as mindfulness and yoga, bridge the gap between the two realms, offering a holistic path to healing and unity. Embracing the mind-body bond, we embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery.

Navigating Inter-Relational Trauma: A Personal Journey to Healing

Inter-relational trauma can have a profound impact on how individuals approach and interact with relationships. In some cases, it can lead to a deep-seated mistrust of others and a reluctance to form close bonds or open up emotionally. This can make it difficult to form intimate relationships and maintain long-term connections with others. Trauma can also affect one’s ability to communicate effectively with others, especially when it comes to expressing emotions or setting boundaries. Individuals who have experienced trauma may struggle to articulate their needs and emotions, leading to misunderstandings and conflict in their relationships.

Building a sense of belonging, and why it’s so important in the workplace

Building a sense of belonging is crucial for employee well-being and organisational culture. It fosters acceptance, authenticity, and unlocks individual potential, resulting in increased productivity and motivation. By creating a supportive environment and implementing diversity initiatives, a harmonious workplace where all employees thrive can be created.

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Opnieuw leren voelen: Zo werkt Trauma Sensitive Yoga”

Trauma is een enorm breed begrip. Esther beschrijft het als volgt: "Trauma is elke onopgeloste reactie van het autonome zenuwstelsel. Trauma draait om de reactie van het zenuwstelsel op de gebeurtenis, en niet noodzakelijkerwijs om de gebeurtenis zelf. Dat maakt het zo persoonlijk. Wat voor de een traumatisch is, hoeft dat voor een ander niet te zijn.

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