Patrick van Sluis TCTSY-Facilitator, E-RTY 500+ in Hatha - Ashtanga - Vinyasa - Kundalini -Yin Yoga - Pranayama and Meditation
TCTSY-Facilitator, E-RTY 500+ in Hatha – Ashtanga – Vinyasa – Kundalini -Yin Yoga – Pranayama and Meditation

Patrick is the proud first male TCTSY-Facilitator in The Netherlands.

As a former entrepreneur, his background consisted of multiple store ownership for over 10 years. Patrick began his Yoga journey after he got into a horrific car accident in October of 2015.

Hospitalised for weeks, he found that there was no real effective recovery system in place to help him in the traditional western ways for his physical and mental issues because of the traumatic brain injury he sustained. He took steps to find healing in other less traditional ways in India to start his healing journey in the yoga teachings of the ancient Himalayan practice.  

He finished his first 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training in May of 2018. His healing/recovery through Yoga began there and he has never looked back.

Finding peace, answers and guidance in yoga practice, as well as through teaching- he started reading more and more about “Trauma and the Body”.  Books by people like Gabor Mate, Deepak Chopra and Bessel van der Kolk. Through these readings/studies, he found his way to TCTSY.  A new profound journey started with this new study as well as understanding more about trauma and its connection to one’s body.  After becoming a TCTSY facilitator Patrick immediately began providing a safe environment by guiding people in reconnecting with their bodies through Trauma Sensitive Yoga.

He currently facilitates individual sessions and group classes in Dutch and English. He is honoured to welcome everyone that is intrigued to be a part of a new healing journey within themselves and to see all the beauty that lies in their future. Inquire here if you would like to practice with- or talk about the Trauma Sensitive Yoga opportunities and how they could work for you.

For more information, you are welcome to contact Patrick:
Phone:  +31 (0)6 439 140 68 Email: Website:
Whatsapp: +31 (0)6 124 797 31