Welcome to Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Nederland, please find below the prices of the online and in-person group classes.

TCTSY online classes per month € 52,50

If you are in hardship you are welcome to connect with us so that together we find a solution for you to join our online classes. You are welcome to get in touch with Nicole at support@traumasensitiveyoganederland.com.

*Prices of the in-person Trauma-Sensitive Yoga lessons might be different per facilitator in good standing and per region.

We like to ensure trauma-sensitive yoga is accessible and inclusive for all survivors of complex and developmental trauma, we offer a selected number of places for participants to join our online TCTSY classes free of charge. These places are offered on an individual needs basis for those who may be unable to pay the monthly fees or registration and are part of our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative.

If this is something you are interested in applying for, you are welcome to contact us via email at info@traumasensitiveyoganederland.com to discuss your situation and together we can find a solution to continue sharing TCTSY together, as we believe that trauma-sensitive yoga needs to be available to everyone.