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PTSD – The Definition of a Traumatic Event and How to Recognize the Signs

People often use the word "traumatic" in a general sense when they are describing very stressful life events. For example, the American Psychological Association (APA) defines "trauma" as a person's emotional response to an extremely negative (disturbing) event. However, mental health professionals define traumatic events in very specific ways. The guidelines they use have changed [...]

The impact of yoga in the process of trauma recovery

International Day of Yoga Krama Yoga Cambodia is an NGO offering yoga classes to disadvantaged youth and female victims of trafficking in order to build their confidence and to help them recover from the effects of trauma Students attend a class at Krama Yoga in Phnom Penh Photo: Krama Yoga Cambodia In a quiet and [...]

Trauma Sensitive Yoga 20-hr Foundational workshop

A heartfelt thank you, to everyone who attended the first Trauma Sensitive Yoga Workshop in the Netherlands.   Testimonials: Hallo Esther, Wat ben je een inspirerende vrouw met zoveel kennis. Ik voelde me meteen veilig door je warmte en rust die je uitstraalt. Het weekend was geweldig maar ook confronterend voor mij als persoon. De groep [...]

Adverse Childhood Experience

This video highlights that community education on adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) will result in more help and support for families. Our video character states that – “even if it is not enough” – support can radically change outcomes for children growing up with ACEs. What are ACEs? ACEs are adverse childhood experiences that [...]

Never Give Up: A Video by Youth for Youth

This gripping film features a highly diverse cast of seven adolescents and young adults who examine the shared and unique challenges faced, mistakes made, and growth attained in the struggle to transcend legacies of developmental trauma. Unexpectedly insightful, unsentimentally poignant and always real, Never Give Up is an offering of collective wisdom, inspiration and hope [...]

Signs of Mental Illness

If you’re unsure whether you, or someone you know is suffering from mental illness, please review the signs and symptoms below. Some are a common occurrence in people’s lives from time to time, however if they are occurring more frequently than before, or if they all seem to be happening at the same time, then [...]

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The kids are all right… right?

By: Carly Brand The adult anxiety disorders suffered by children of divorce One in three Australian marriages end in divorce and the mental impact on children can last into adulthood Jess pauses, stricken. Her breath shallow, her heart racing. The walls seem to be closing in and she counts down to 10 until the feeling passes. Like many children from broken [...]

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Workshop For Yoga Teachers

    3 days, 20 hours - Friday 9th, Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th of December 2016 People suffering from trauma often need a variety of treatments to help them back on the path to mental health. As Yoga exercises the body and calms the mind at the same time, it can be a very [...]

Exercise, meditation to help combat depression

Please click on the picture to watch a sort video, on how exercise, meditation to help combat depression. As we know depression affects people of all ages from all walks of life. But researchers have now come up with what looks like a winning combination to handle it without drugs or a doctor. Discovering that [...]