The leaves are falling, colors turning and the weather’s about to change. And along with everything else that Autumn brings, your body will change too. Here’s how, and what you can do about it.

More dry skin than usual

Your skin might react to the changing of seasons, every time, and in Autumn the shock can disrupt your skin’s chemical balance, causing dry skin or even acne. You may have noticed yourself reaching for the lip balm, or moisturizer a little more frequently than before…? And that’s all you can really do. Rest assured it’s completely normal, however, and not generally indicative of anything else going on.

A slight increase in weight

Like many mammals, humans also store fat as the colder months approach, so don’t be surprised if you’re a bit heavier on the scales than you were a month ago. What’s happening in the body is actually building up a resistance to insulin, which in turn causes the liver to produce more fat. More importantly, however, the way to counteract this is to stimulate your metabolism by moving your body, walking a little more often when you can, and engaging in a varied, healthy diet.

Your mood might take a turn for the worse

Popularly known as the winter blues, winter depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects many of us when the days become shorter. The reduced amount of sunlight can affect your levels of serotonin, and melatonin, and it’s thought that this may be a factor. Symptoms of winter depression are often similar to those of “normal” depression but don’t worry, they literally disappear like snow when the sun returns in spring.

Weakened immune system

Scientists have shown there are more heart attacks in winter than in any other season,
and some of the reasons are that your immune system is often weaker, and blood pressure may be higher. The body has several mechanisms by which it can “defend” itself against that, and you can encourage these with meditation, relaxation & movement to help your blood pressure, and a healthy diet to boost your immunity.

Yoga can help deal with change

With all of these changes going on it can be quite stressful, and your body does require some adjustment. One way to help with all the changes is by practicing Yoga, or Trauma-Sensitive Yoga. This gives you space to rest while moving your body and it’s also can be quite meditative.

At the very least, however, taking some time to rest can really help. Especially if you feel like everything around you is moving faster than you would prefer, it’s important to take a break. Sitting a little longer with a cup of hot tea, a moment of self-care could be just what you need.

All the best for now, and enjoy long walks surrounded by all those lovely Autumn colors!

With Care & Autumn Greetings,

Esther & Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Nederland Team