Welcome Spring and welcome to the second edition of our 2019 newsletter. 
It has been a while since we had heard something from us, and we hope you are doing well. Spring is here !! Everything is in full bloom and perhaps you have already started spring cleaning or maybe you have already enjoyed the sunshine. Fortunately, the dark months are over and we can finally enjoy the sun’ energy and everything that spring brings us !!!
We are pleased to announce that more than 100 new Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitators (TCTSY-F) have been added worldwide. Weare delighted to welcome the first four Dutch yoga teachers and mental health professionals who have completed an in-depth 300-hour TCTSY certification program. 
We feel privileged to share this learning journey with practitioners dedicated to the work we do and we are constantly impressed by how deeply reflective and thoughtful approaches we can offer for Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY). 
For more information, view our website and the worldwide website to find certified facilitators in the region and world.   
We are fully engaged in the next TCTSY certification program that will start in September 2019 in Berlin, Boston and Melbourne.  Applications are now open for this program. More information about this and for registrations can be found on our website here. We would also like to inform you of our 20-hour workshops in TCTSY for 2019. Below you will find more information about what this training entails and what we offer. Follow this link here for more information and to register. As the only official Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga workshops in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg, we have been approved by the Center for Trauma and Embodiment at Justice Resource Institute and Director David Emerson, and these Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY) workshops meet the learning needs for application in the full 300-hour certification program. 
For more information, you can email us directly via; info@traumasensitiveyoganederland. com or this link to follow here for more information Warm greetings, Esther TSY Netherlands, Belgium & LuxembourgCertified TCTSY facilitator, certified trainer and supervisor at the ‘Center for Trauma and Embodiment’ at JRI   

This workshop aims to inspire yoga teachers to make their classes more trauma-informed and to support those working in mental health to support the body in treatment when working with people affected by C-PTSD, developmental disorders and/or complex trauma. This is the ONLY Trauma Sensitive Yoga workshop/training in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg accredited by the Justice Resource Institute (JRI) and Trauma Sensitive Yoga pioneer David Emerson, and this is the only Trauma Sensitive Yoga training that is offered in the Benelux and that is based on examinations conducted by the Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga Program in Boston – Massachusetts. 
 The Learning Results: The latest trauma theories and neurophysiologyTheoretical foundation and methodology of the TCTSY modelTCTSY research and scientific dataHow TCTSY principles and TSY practices can be applied Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) is an empirically validated, additional clinical treatment for complex trauma or chronic, treatment-resistant PTSD. 

TCTSY was developed at the Trauma Center at JRI in Brookline, Massachusetts and is based on science in trauma theory, attachment theory and neuroscience, as well as in Hatha yoga exercises with emphasis on body-based yoga forms and breathing exercises. 
This training is facilitated by TCTSY Licensed trainer Esther van der Sande, a faculty member of the Center for Trauma and Embodiment at JRI – Follow this link for more information about the trainer in the Benelux here.

In the past year (2018) we have organized a Trauma Sensitive Yoga program in collaboration with the Oranje Huis in Amsterdam. Below you will find some statements from the participants. 

 “My behaviour is different after a lesson, I am calm and happy and sleep well” 

 “I have found that yoga is that I want to continue to do so because it can help me from my physical pain and stiffness” 

 “Get through this training I am calmer, less angry and I feel my body ” 

 ” I am calmer, less anxious because I know what to do if I am tense or panic. The lessons provide structure and are a stepping stone for something else, a step further ” 

“I learned how to release tension” Frequently asked questions that we are often asked are; 
How is this specific approach to trauma-informed yoga different from other approaches to “yoga for trauma”? 
There is a lot we can research to answer these questions, but here are some awards that we find useful and important to share in the unregulated and often confusing world of yoga offerings:
 TCTSY has nearly 20 years of history of research and collaboration with survivors of complex and developmental trauma. It is the only trauma-informed yoga model and training with this recognition and supported by research results. Certified TCTSY facilitators undergo rigorous and thorough training over a seven-month period with one-to-one supervision and ongoing professional development and supervision requirements to remain certified ‘good-standing’.We think it is important to distinguish this level of education from reading a book, following a short online course or a one or two day workshop. The accountability and self-reflective practice required as a TCTSY facilitator/counsellor hopes to ensure safety for people seeking trauma-sensitive yoga, who may already be vulnerable due to their traumatic experiences. 
This is not to suggest that other approaches are not beneficial for people who have experienced trauma. There are so many practices and approaches that can be useful to people, and trauma treatment and healing must be tailored to the needs of each person. 

Finally, we hope that you have found our newsletter interesting and useful. If you have any questions about the content or in general, please contact us at info@traumasensitiveyoganederland. com.  

Enjoy all the beautiful moments in the coming period. 

Until the next newsletter !!! 


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