We continue exploring how anxiety and fear behaves, especially in the light of Covid-19 measurements and quarantining. We might also feel anxiety and fear about society starting up again and streets becoming busier and back to “normal”. This can be shocking and anxiety provoking after a long time of the opposite. 

What happens after you become aware?
Eckhart Tolle furthers his train of thought in his next YouTube video called Transforming Fear and Anxiety in the Process of Conscious Manifestation, where he explores the next step after awareness. Perhaps you feel as if you are aware of the thoughts. Tolle offers the solution to “accept the present moment as it is, internally and externally, so the anxiety is there but it’s not going to kill you. It might kill you if you react to it and create further anxiety. You then allow the anxiety to be there as it is completely.”

Choosing a new train of thought and self-care

This of course is easier said than done, but it can be a new path, or train of thought, you choose to take in order to explore what that might bring. Thought patterns aren’t easy to break and take time to become aware of. Being kind to yourself during this process, if you choose to do so, is extremely important.

Self-care isn’t only the face masks and the baths, it is becoming aware of thought patterns, feeling uncomfortable, and making inner and outer changes. The masks and baths can help when you notice it calms you down or helps you to stay in the here and now, but they aren’t the solution, they are part of the change.

Anxiety and alive energy

It might be helpful to notice the immense energy anxiety and fear bring in the present moment. Tolle says: “As you place the attention on it [anxiety], which is part of the present moment, you become aware that there is very intense energy on it. There is enormous alive energy in that fear. It may not be flowing energy, it’s more like a boiling kettle with the lid on it, but there is aliveness and energy in that fear.” When you can become aware and notice that intense energy, it might be helpful to use this energy towards something else. It can fuel something new, a change, or a new choice. Perhaps you use it to awaken your creativity, or you start dancing, maybe you are able to choose what you want to do with that energy.

“There is enormous alive energy in that fear.”

– Eckhart Tolle