Where we place our attention is what we will create for ourselves.

“What’s a vision board?,” you may ask. Vision boards are a type of blueprint for the kind of life you’d like to create for yourself — a visual representation of what you’d like to include (and exclude) in your future. Creating a vision board helps you hone in on your goals and priorities, stay motivated for positive change, and perhaps even draw positive things into your life.

Here’s how to create one:

  1. First, think about what you’d like to create in your life. As with positive affirmations, it’s important to think about what you want in life, rather than what you don’t want! For example, instead of thinking, “I want to put an end to money problems,” think, “I’d like more money or financial security.” Think in positive and specific terms.
  2. Gather together several magazines that you don’t mind cutting up. Look through the pages and find images that match your vision for what you want in your future. If you see something you think you might like cut it out. Focus more on how you feel looking at the picture than on exactly what the picture contains, and choose things that seem to draw you in. If they’re not on your initial list, it’s obviously still fine to include them.
  3. If you don’t find visual representations for everything you’d like to include in your vision board — a book with your name on it as author, for example — you may want to draw your own pictures. (This can be a great exercise in creativity) If you’re really not comfortable with your own drawings, you can ask someone else to create pictures for you. Another option is buying and printing pictures from the internet.
  4. Once you have all of your pictures amassed, you have a few choices. The most popular option is to paste the pictures onto a poster board, collage-style. If you want a more professional look, however, you can tack them up on a corkboard, or even create a smaller collage and frame it. If you’d prefer to keep it more private, you can create a “vision book” that you look at often, or simply roll up and store your poster-board collage when you’re not viewing it.
  5. That’s it — almost! Once you’ve created your vision board, don’t stick it in a corner and forget about it (although you’ll still likely see positive changes if you do this). It’s more effective to look at your vision board frequently, reminding yourself where your goals lie and keeping them in the forefront of your mind and maintaining your passion and motivation to create the life you want. Besides, you’ll want to enjoy your handiwork!


  • It doesn’t matter how you arrange things, randomly or in an orderly fashion. Just create the board however you’d like it.
  • You can turn your journal into a vision board of sorts by including pictures in the pages when you find ones you like.