Trauma Sensitive Yoga Group Class Time Table

If you are interested in following a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Class, please contact Esther for a short consultation.

We are offering one-on-one yoga and small groups every Wednesday at Delight Yoga in Amsterdam.

Due to the sensitivity and respect for the students we keep our group sizes small, therefor… please contact me to find out if there is a space in the yoga class available for you.



TSY Group Classes at Delight Yoga in Amsterdam

When: Every Wednesday’s – starting in September 2019

The class start at 14.15 pm till 15.30 pm.

Delight Yoga Amsterdam
Prinseneiland 20G, 1013 LR  Amsterdam

“My behavior is different after a class. I am more calm and happy and I sleep well.”

TCTSY Participant 

More information about Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga 

Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY) classes are adaptable and can be taught in many different spaces.  This makes Trauma Sensitive Yoga an accessible experience to integrate into settings such as an agency, centre, institution, or yoga studio.

Class sizes are small, often no larger than 8-10 people.  This supports maintaining a safe environment for people to experience the session. Depending on community needs, classes may be offered on an indefinite on-going basis or they may run in specific 8-10 weeks cycles. Depending on client needs and choices, chair yoga or low impact movement on yoga mats are both possibilities, as well as a sequenced flow yoga class.

There is always is a no-touch policy, a safe environment to practice in. You always have a choice. The yoga program run by the Trauma Centre at Justice Resource Institute has helped thousands of people dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), from survivors of chronic abuse to war veterans. Research conducted by the Trauma Centre showed that the Trauma Centre Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) model significantly reduced symptoms of PTSD in clients who were considered ‘treatment resistant’.