The trauma-informed embodiment for your organization.

If you’re looking for a way to help your organization better serve clients who have experienced trauma, then I highly recommend our Incompany Training program. With our evidence-based model of treating trauma through the body, you’ll learn concrete tools that can be immediately applied to your work. Our Trauma-informed training is tailored to meet the unique needs of specific populations and dynamics, and it’s not just for clinicians. Support staff, maintenance workers, case managers, and administrators have all participated in our training for an agency-wide integration of client-centred embodied care.

The impact of trauma on the body

Many treatment approaches for PTSD and complex trauma neglect the impact that trauma has on the body, but our approach has been empirically validated to provide survivors with a safe and predictable relationship with their bodies, which can increase the potential for healing and recovery. This is more than just another embodiment practice – it’s a complementary treatment for complex trauma and PTSD that restores a sense of safety and empowerment.

What you’ll get with our Incompany Training

Introducing our Incompany Training program, designed to meet the needs of providers seeking dynamic, experiential learning opportunities. Led by our certified TCTSY trainer, Esther van der Sande, our program offers a comprehensive range of training options, including:

 Trauma-informed care training

  • Develop a deep understanding of trauma-informed practices
  • Learn to implement trauma-informed care with individuals and groups across diverse demographics

Yoga programming development

  • Utilize the TCTSY framework for trauma-informed yoga programming
  • Gain practical skills to integrate trauma-informed yoga practices into your organization

Our In-company Training offers flexible formats to suit your needs, such as:

One or two-day in-person training with Esther

  • Engage in immersive learning experiences
  • Interact directly with our certified TCTSY trainer

Four-week virtual training via our online learning platform

  • Conveniently participate in 3-4 hour sessions spread over several weeks
  • Access our comprehensive training materials and resources

Join us to experience the following benefits:

Concrete tools for immediate application

  • Gain practical strategies that can be implemented within your organization

Collaboration with a certified TCTSY trainer in Benelux

  • Work closely with Esther van der Sande to customize your training experience

An empirically validated research-based approach

  • Learn from evidence-based practices in treating trauma through the body

To learn more about how our Incompany Training program can support your organization’s trauma-informed care journey, please email Esther van der Sande at

Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.